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LiveU Cloud Graphics

Graphis on the cloud!!! The simple tool for elevating and branding your live stream, previously for LiveU Solo, now is available also for all units streaming via LiveU Central. LiveU’s Cloud Graphics is an easy-to-use professional cloud production tool for adding dynamic graphics to your live stream. Simply select from ready-to-use graphic templates or create your own design and stream directly to any social media or CDN.

//Integración como plataforma

LiveU streaming services integrates with any existing CDN (Content Delivery Network) service

//Integración con proveedores

Being able to integrate with any CDN, and aiming to feed only streaming services, LiveU's cloud Graphics does not need any further integration.


Comercialized as per use, it count basic and advanced versions, which may be payed by hour, month or year of use

//Servicio y soporte

LiveU provides 24x7 support. For Latin America we have our main Spanish desk help center in Bogota, Colombia, with additional support in Brazil, and USA (Miami and New Jersey)