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Christie Terra

Christie Terra is an AV over IP switching, extension and distribution solution built on the SDVoE 10G platform. The platform provides unprecedented performance capabilities including the delivery of 4K@ 60, zero-frame latency, artifact-free video over readily available and affordable 10G component. The solution includes HDMI/ DisplayPort transmitter/ encoder, HDMI Receiver / decoder and a controller for a complete solution.

//Descripción de elementos innovadores

• Zero-frame latency: enables natural, real-time monitoring, communication and collaboration.
• Uncompressed AV processing:4K@60Hz 4:4:4 quality maintained from source to display resulting in pixel-perfect, artifact-free images.
• Complete AV and control connectivity: support includes video, audio, RS-232, IR control, Gigabit Ethernet and USB.
• System scalability: connect and transport AV signals using off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet components.
• Superior video scaling: high-quality processing for video wall magnification.
• Multi-viewer for previewing and monitoring applications.
• KVM functionality: endpoints can access and control AV sources using keyboard and mouse interfaces.
• 10G network: high-bandwidth switching and universal cable plant transmitting over standardized network protocols for streamlined, easily integrated and expanded systems that are flexible, scalable and cost-effective.
• Christie Terra SDVoE input card for several Christie 3DLP projectors with TruLife™ Electronics, as well as the new MicroTiles LED, allows for direct interfacing of up to 4K AV content and control over 10G Ethernet for highly flexible, scalable, eliminating the need for a dedicated receiver at the display, extra power receptacles, and control cables.

//Desafíos resueltos

• The qualities of traditional circuit switched AV switching products are preserved operating over 10G Ethernet networks.
• 4K@60 4:4:4 at zero latency.
• No compromise in moving AV over IP in real time.
• Audio, video and control over a single cable (Ethernet / fiber).
• Fiber transmission for very long and secured connections and applications.
• Scalability over the network using standard IEEE Ethernet standards.
• Multiviewer for preview and monitoring applications.
• KVM and HID transmission for controlling remote sources, files transfer, etc.
• Extra processing features are available that exceed switching and extension (scaling, Video Wall magnification).
• End to end integration / solution with other Christie products (Christie Pandoras Box, Christie Spyder X80, displays...).

//Apertura con otras marcas

• Christie Terra is SDVoE compliant, and interoperable with third-party SDVoE compliant devices.
• Open API allow Terra to be controlled by 3rd party control systems.

//Contribución al área

Christie Terra maintains the qualities of direct AV signal connections or solutions that use traditional circuit-switching solutions. There is zero-frame latency, and content can be synchronized and delivered 4:4:4 artifact free quality.

A good example of the use of Christie Terra is the famous Zurich Opera House. The original installation had direct cable extensions connections that were not switchable or scalable. They required 4K video viewing in real time. Christie Terra and Christie Pandoras Box solution provided source playback, switching, and distribution, which can be scaled up to larger solutions over time, along with Christie 4K projectors for end to end high quality image in real time complete with media play back. More information on this installation: https://www.christiedigital.com/en-us/about-christie/news-room/press-releases/terra-delivers-latency-free-native-4k-at-zurich-opera

Another example of the integration of Christie Terra is Capital One Arena where Terra is used to make sure that the signal is uncompressed 4K all the way through. More information: https://www.christiedigital.com/en-us/about-christie/news-room/press-releases/quince-imaging-and-christie-rally-fans

Christie Terra is also used in the Circa twin 35-story luxury residential towers in Los Angeles that are wrapped with three giant LED screens covering an eight-story parking structure. Circa's screens comprise more than 18,000 square feet of exterior LEDs from SNA Displays. SNA Displays chose Christie Terra as the switching, scaling and signal extension solution for the LEDs' 4K content. More information in this link: https://www.christiedigital.com/en-us/about-christie/news-room/press-releases/christie-terra-part-of-downtown-la-redevelopment

En este link se puede ver un video resumen de Christie Terra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AlgkX7pxH8&index=4&list=PLB8sGIsXEocaQaxzBPXJNLE3P0TZ7_Zqi&t=0s