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Verimatrix Provisions Globo's Rapidly Growing TV Everywhere Services


Globo, the largest commercial TV network in Latin America and the second-largest commercial TV network of the world, relies on Verimatrix to authenticate and authorize subscribers of expanding OTT services

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Globo is Latin America’s largest media group and the most popular Portuguese-language internet portal in the world. It offers TV Everywhere streaming through its Globosat and Globoplay service offerings, the latter of which is the largest Brazilian streaming service with 22M unique users; it also recently expanded its geographic range to stream in the United States with future plans to roll out in Europe in Asia.

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Globo is moving at a rapid-fire pace as it extends its long-standing reputation in Brazil to more and more geographies across the globe, and it relies on Verimatrix to facilitate frictionless authentication and authorization. Verimatrix unifies its security regime across all networks and DRMs with the assurance that viewers will always get the TV Everywhere experience they expect.

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Globo continues to evolve the video component of its business to expand the reach of its content to make it available to subscribers at all times on all devices, but the promise of TV Everywhere isn’t easily fulfilled. Today’s extensive and proprietary relationships between video service operators and content owners/
providers pose a challenge. This web of connections makes it necessary for subscribers to seek access rights repeatedly, which creates a disjointed and
frustrating user experience. Consumers are more likely to abandon a service if they cannot easily enjoy their content wherever they are. At the same time, operators and content providers need to safeguard their content and scale up or down to any audience size.

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With Verimatrix Authenticate, subscribers of Globo's OTT services can watch their entitled content anytime, anywhere and on any device, without having to login repeatedly. The cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution implements a common framework to streamline content provider-video service operator relationships with a single integration for secure subscriber authentication and authorization, based on open standards.The addition of Verimatrix Authenticate complements Globo’s existing Verimatrix Multi-DRM deployment. The seamlessly integrated cloud solution secures what has become the most accessed portal in Brazil, and Verimatrix will continue to provide harmonized rights management for Globoplay as it achieves a new milestone – becoming one of the first Brazilian video service providers to be streamed via Roku.